Dometic CFF 45

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A universal Dometic addition to the range of self-powered portable fridge/freezer. Thanks to it’s stylish design, double-hinged lid and efficient interior layout, it will appeal to all enthusiasts of outdoor activities. The solid thermal insulation of the CFF 45 ensures excellent cooling performance.


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Weighing less than 19 kg, the CFF 45 can use any of the 44 liters available, making it one of Dometic’s most economical portable refrigerators. The proper arrangement of the storage space is one of the main design principles of the Dometic CFF 45 – it has allowed for a more even temperature distribution inside it. Combined with effective thermal insulation, this ensures moderate power consumption from the battery, making the Dometic CFF 45 a great choice for adventurers who love to travel.


  • Reversible cover
  • User-friendly lid hinge design
  • Can be placed vertically inside bottles with a standard 1.5 l capacity
  • Optimum storage in one interior compartment
  • Robust thermal insulation ensures better cooling performance and energy efficiency
  • 44 liters maximum capacity for convenient cooling
  • Dimmable LED screen
  • Robust Handles that are removable
  • Double supply AC / DC
  • Internal LED lighting
  • The lid opens from both sides for the user’s convenience
  • The energy-saving design ensures fast and perfect cooling even at extremely high outside temperatures
  • The temperature can be adjusted between 20 ° C and -18 ° C
  • -18 ° C possible at an ambient temperature of up to 32 ° C
  • Durable construction to work in difficult external conditions


The CFF 45 series gives you what is most important: plenty of storage space, excellent insulation and an attractive finish. Dometic designed the interior layout of the CFF 45 to achieve an efficient and even temperature distribution. The innovative, double-sided lid allows convenient access from all sides, which is great for tight spaces in a motorhome or boat. Adventurers will love it for its easy portability, high cooling capacity, and new, durable and comfortable handles made of steel and glass-reinforced nylon.


The Dometic CFF 45 is a versatile portable refrigerator that is user-friendly, durable and easy to carry. This model is equipped with an electronic control system – the internal cooling temperature can be set in the range from + 20 ° C to -18 ° C, which gives many possibilities for packaging food and drinks. Reversible lid makes it easy to access the contents of the refrigerator. The CFF series is designed to make more efficient use of storage space and temperature distribution. In addition, solid thermal insulation helps to optimize cooling performance and energy efficiency. It is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to opt out of the traditional passive cooler.

Dimensions  depth: 398 mm    height: 475 mm  width: 715 mm
Weight: 18.6kg
Input voltage (AC) 100-240 V
Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
Rated input current (AC) 0,4 A
Rated input current (DC) 8.6 A
Rated input power (AC) 96 W

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