Dometic Cool Freeze CDF2 36

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This efficient 36ltr fridge-freezer allows you to store food and drinks at temperatures between + 10 ° C and –15 ° C. Integrated guiding elements enable a secure attachment to the vehicle by means of straps or seat belts. The handle in the recess and the compact design ensure convenient carrying.

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Compressor cooling technology and the compact design of the Dometic CoolFreeze CDF2 36 refrigerator make cooling and freezing food and drinks extremely easy. The recessed handle allows convenient carrying, and the integrated elements that enable fixing with dedicated straps or safety belts ensure convenient mounting and safe transport inside the vehicle. The upgraded lid with a solid hinge and user-friendly snap-on design has an even surface that can be used as a table. Thanks to its cooling capacity, the CDF2 36 fridge cools and deep-freezes with minimal power consumption, regardless of the outside temperature. Enjoy reliable cooling anywhere!


  • 31 l total capacity – fits 49 cans or five bottles of approx. 1.5 l
  • Compact design and easy storage
  • Place in the fridge and freeze your favorite foods and drinks
  • Dimmable digital display and LED interior lighting
  • Recessed handle for convenient carrying
  • Integrated elements that allow easy fastening inside the vehicle with dedicated straps or safety belts
  • Temperature control from + 10 ° C to –15 ° C


Dimensions  depth: 562 mm    height: 398 mm  width: 339 mm
Weight: 10.5kg
Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
Rated input current (AC) 0,47 A @240V
Rated input power (DC) 40W

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