Semi Flexibile – 150W CPC Solar Panel

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150 W CPC SEMI FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANEL (1280*600*2mm, White)

Latest Top Con-N Technology – Same size- 50% More power!

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Nominal Power 150W
Cell Efficiency ≥23.5%
Maximum Power  Current 6.63A
Maximum Power Voltage 22.62V
Open-circuit Voltage 26.52V
Short-circuit Current 7.03
Maximum System Voltage 200V
Output Tolerance 0~+3%
Cable MC4 900mm / 2.5mm²
Module Structure ETFE/ EVA / Backsheet
Junction box rating ≥IP67
Cell 182*91–13*3
Working Temperature -20℃~+65℃
Module Dimensions 1280*600*2mm
WeightNet /Gross 3.1/4.6kg



  • Lightweight solar modules have better power generation efficiency and longer service life than traditional flexible modules.
  • Composite material integration, compared with traditional flexible panels, has better protection for solar cells. Sturdy materials and stable workmanship make it possible to walk on the panels.
  • The finished product has a thin thickness, lightweight, and good waterproof effect

Advantages of N-type TOPCon Cells:

  • The battery has high conversion efficiency, excellent interface passivation and carrier transport capabilities, and high VOC and FF.
  • Excellent parameter performance: It has the advantages of a high bifacial ratio, low attenuation, low-temperature coefficient, and good low-light effect.
  • The process equipment production line has high compatibility and is compatible with high-temperature preparation process production lines of PERC and N-PERT bifacial cells.
  • N-type TOPCon batteries can be combined with SE, IBC, multi-busbar, half-chip, and lamination technologies to significantly improve battery efficiency and module power.
  • Fields / Offgrid System
  • Boats / Yatchs
  • Caravans / Motorhomes