12/230V Invertor 300W/600W Pure sine wave

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Power Invertor 12V to 230V 3000W/600W starting Pure sine wave – UK plug. Perfect for fridges and motor operations

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Ideal invertor for appliances up to 300W where Pure Sine wave operation is required. Device also provides for short time power of 600W for starting operations.

Used ideally for fridges and anything that requires motor operations where Pure sine wave in essential, otherwise the appliance is damaged.

Just connect cigarette lighter to your 12V device or car/boat outlet and use you 230V appliances freely ! Internal thermal protection Includes spare fuses.


Output Voltage 230V AC
Output frequency 50Hz
Shape of the output voltage Pure Sinusoid
Usable power (continuous) 300W
Instantaneous power (impulsive) 600W