ColdMachine Kit CU-55 + VD-01 – 100Ltr

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Change any space into a fridge or freezer with cold machine kit!

Complete kit with compressor and L shaped evaporator for maximum cooling of 100Ltr. This compressor cooling unit and evaporator package offers superb value for money. Can be converted into 50ltr freezer with 5mm all round insulation.

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This is a complete kit capable of cooling 100ltr. Ideal where fridge space is not available, or for a second refrigeration space in boat or RV. Compressor may be located away from the refrigeration compartment, allowing for more flexibility in installation. Offering a complete package solution at a great price! The Dometic CU-55 + VD-01 package has plenty of cooling power with a maximum capacity of 100 l.


  • Complete cooling system with L-evaporator for max. 100 l
  • Refrigeration technology ; Compressor
  • Flexible installation
  • Super silent operation
  • Suitable for solar operation
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel mounting plate
  • Net weight 9 kg
  • Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
  • Refrigerant, type R134a