Battery – Dometic PLB40

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The Dometic PLB40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery delivers high levels of mobile power – up to 40 hours on a single charge for Dometic Coolers or similar.

Designed for powering powered coolers and other 12 V appliances while being off-grid. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design you can enjoy true independence and travel off-grid for longer.

Includes solar charge controller so it can simply be connected to a solar panel for off-grid charging

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All the power you need for your adventure

  • Features

Enables you to travel off-grid for longer

Three-way charging via 12 V DC socket, solar panel or AC home power

Can be charged via Solar panel and includes internal charge controller

Lightweight, ergonomically designed stainless steel carry-handle

Built-in LCD screen displays: capacity, charging status and output

Specifically designed for Dometic CFX and other powered coolers

Powerful battery cells provide 512 Wh of energy, 40 Ah

Designed to power a Dometic CFX for a weekend or longer

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  •     Application
      • Fields / Offgrid System
      • Camping
      • 4*4 veichles
      • Portable power

             Package contains

40Ah Lithium ion Phosphate battery pack

10Amp ACDC charger,

DC cable extension with Cig plug & Anderson connector

Internal Solar charge controller

Colour gift box packaging


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